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A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns to accept her sexuality and the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia.

Directed by Dean Matthew Ronalds
Written by Domenic Migliore
Produced by Tom Malloy & Brian Ronalds
Starring Nicole Fox, Jennifer Taylor, Nicole Buehrer, and Michael Madsen


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A washed-up, overly offensive stand-up comedian succumbs to loneliness and self-destruction after witnessing the murder of his only love; a young, crazy nymphomaniac.
Routines - Official Teaser Poster, No. 6.jpg

Written & Directed by Domenic Migliore
Produced by Matt Chassin
Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Lynn Lowry, Brad Jones, Kaylee Williams, and Catalina Gallegos

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